Carlos Mascaró. Ferreries (Menorca) 1957

A constant fact in the painter’s artistic career, since he began, to the present day, dedicated professionally to painting, is his interest to paint and study the great classical masters, especially the Dutch artists of the seventeenth century.

Although his painting is extremely thorough and detailed, and due to that of very slow production, he has had fifteen individual exhibitions and has participated in over sixty collective exhibitions. A trayectory to which is added the constant study of painting techniques in his pilgrimage to museums all over Europe to see the originals of the great classical masters. In this way he has developed a firm foundation along with profound experience and artistic approaches which are reflected in his own particular work.

As a result of this work and dedication, is the interest that contemporary collectionism shows by the great technique and sensibility of Carlos Mascaró. For this reason we can find examples of his work around the world, both in private collections and in the artistic background of important public and private institutions.